Parts used - the root


Common Uses
Strengthens the immune system
Good for colds and flu
Reduces phlegm
Kills many of the bacteria that causes diarrhea
Improves digestion


How Goldenseal Works
Goldenseal contains a number of alkaloids that give this herb it’s cure-all properties. They help to strengthen the immune system and have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. They also act as an antibiotic, as well as helping to cleanse the body.


Side Effects Long term use may weaken the bacterial flora of the intestine.


Safety Concerns Goldenseal is a hypertensive and therefore should not be taken if you suffer from high blood pressure.
It should not be taken if you are pregnant.


History of Goldenseal
Goldenseal has a long and varied history. It was used by the Cherokees to dye fabric. They also used it to treat indigestion and loss of appetite, and to relieve skin conditions and eye sores.
The Iroquois used it for fevers, liver disorders, whooping cough and heart problems. It was first introduced to Europe in 1760 and became a favorite herbal therapy in the 19th century.

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